Daily Life Spies – Or how my Microwave turned into a Camera

News: The book won „Best of Show“ at the Spring Show of Photo Central 2018 in Hayward!!!

My Journey to the Book „Daily Life Spies“

Everything started in my kitchen. Or at Stanford. Depends how you look at it.

Taking a lighting class at the Continuing Studies Program at Stanford University I became attentive to how to light my photographs.

I was frustrated how much money would (or should) be spent on tools and equipment for making a perfectly lighted picture. I didn’t like that, but my eyes were more trained now to work with light.

Then, later in the year during another class, I get the assignment to imitate an artist. I choose a photo collage of Grete Stern made in the forties or fifties.

And so the following photographs were taken in our kitchen. There it happened that the unknown field of lighted applicance caught my eyes and I started to explore it.


The first images of the Daily Life Series were created.
And shortly they started to get a head of steam:

The exciting political situation in the U.S. made me into a news junkie.
Every day brought different news. That news started to influence me while taking pictures in the kitchen. The farewell speach of Barack Obama, Angela Merkel’s handshake and Kellyanne Conway inspired changes and new techniques in my work. And so… finally my microwave turned into a camera.

Hundreds of images later, my work had developed to a varied interplay between me, life, politics and arts.

This short iPhonefilm (please excuse the quality) documents a part of the play between my thoughts and the camera.

Summer came and it was pretty obvious to me that I wanted to tell the story of the pictures in a book.

Totally self-made. Only the binding was done by FedEx.

Now it is this unique handmade book which will have a small edition.


Daily Life Spies by Eva Maria Orth, Self-printed book on Mohawk Superfine Eggshell (18×12, 270 gsm), 42 self-printed photographs on Hahnemühle Silk Baryta Paper, Mountain View 2017

Please contact me if you’re interested to exhibit or buy the book:


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